"Queen of Sheba"
Limited Edition
Unframed Serigraph Print


Image of "Queen of Sheba" <br>Limited Edition <br>Unframed Serigraph Print

Etiquette would dictate you should probably call your host ahead of time if you plan to bring your Kitty to the party or hotel (especially if that Kitty weighs over 150 pounds)! Then again, who's going to argue with you with that big black kitty in tow (after all, you did provide the courtesy of having your kitty on a leash)!


• 12 Color Hand-Pulled Silk-Screened Serigraph Print (Unframed) - provides 12 passes of bright ink colors for additional depth and better color saturation
• 31" x 18” (approx. 79cm x 46cm) - to be featured prominently in your favorite room
• Edition of 200 - to protect long-term print values and to assure not everybody can own one!
• Hand Signed & Numbered by Shag himself to prevent fraud and avoid the trend of machine signing & numbering from some other well-known artists
• Thick fine art cotton rag paper to insure archival inks perform to their full potential and provide a sturdy safe background for your image

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Published 2018

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Image of "Queen of Sheba" <br>Limited Edition <br>Unframed Serigraph Print