"Jazz Cats" - Back in Stock
Tote Bag
Different Images on Front & Back side

"Jazz Cats" - Back in Stock <br>Tote Bag <br>Different Images on Front & Back side

Shag's "Jazz Cats"
Tote Bag

Note: as of December 17th, Orders for these will not be arriving before Christmas 2020.
(you could always print a photo, wrap it and place it under the tree until this arrives)

Stroll with headphones to the sounds of cool jazz on the beach or to a head to a Jazz club with this fun, medium duty, Shag designed Tote Bag featuring classic Palm Springs Mid-Century Modern architecture on it.


Two Images on this bag
(one on each side)

* Shag Designed Custom Liner to provide a cohesive look throughout
* Convenient Zippered Top to keep everthing secure in the bag
* Measures: 18” W x 15” H x 6” D to fit your beach items
* Fabric: 600 Denier Polyester for durability and easy care

NOTE: Made in the USA
Shipping Included!

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