"Campari Bird"
Limited Edition
FRAMED Print on Wood
Only a Few Remain!


Image of "Campari Bird" <br>Limited Edition <br>FRAMED Print on Wood <br>Only a Few Remain!

Shag's limited edition "Campari Bird" print on wood

Nobody will ever be as friendly a drinking buddy as this cocktail bird (just don't reach for his glass as that's a mighty big beak he has)! He'll be perched close by for whenever you and your friends want to imbibe (if he starts talking to you in Italian, it's probably time to stop drinking - at least for that day)!

Framed in our unique Shag Store style framing
& with a beautiful SALMON liner that's ready to hang.


* "Campari Bird" print on wood for an authentic feeling forest experience
framed size : 11.5" Wide x 13.5" Tall x 2" Deep
* Wired for easy hanging so you can get it up on your walls quickly
* Signature is printed on front (not hand signed)
* Sticker on Back with Bird Name and Your Edition Number to insure authenticity and provide proper provenance

Free Shipping applies to Domestic US Only
(Reduced Overseas Shipping Rates for this Print)

Published 2018


Image of "Campari Bird" <br>Limited Edition <br>FRAMED Print on Wood <br>Only a Few Remain!