NEW ONLINE ORDER CANCELLATION POLICY - Effective 10/15/2020 - A 10% Fee will be charged for all Cancelled online orders (since we have to pay the credit card providers for tax collected & their fees, which are non-refundable to us).

*** Congratulations on your purchase of  SHAG the store items.  You should enjoy your artworks for years to come provided they avoid direct sunlight (especially with prints or original paintings) and other conditions that would be considered common sense (such as extreme temperatures).

Since original paintings and prints/reproductions are very limited or rare, all sales of these and all other limited edition products are final.  Other types of merchandise purchased from the store may (on occasion) be exchanged for credit at the sole discretion of the gallery owners and will be reviewed on a case by case basis.  Shipping charges will NOT be refunded unless the product(s) arrived damaged or an incorrect item was sent.

In the event your shipment arrives and is incorrect, damaged or flawed, we will make every attempt to ship out a replacement as soon as we can. We will obviously pay for any return and/or additional shipping charges required.

SHAG prints and original paintings typically increase in value after their initial release and SHAG the store will often entertain the idea of purchasing products back from you or in exchange for credit or purchase them outright in many cases (primarily if purchased from SHAG the store).  Again, we will consider these types of transactions on a case by case basis with no guaranty or warranty on our behalf. 

While we make every effort to thoroughly inspect all prints and art pieces prior to shipping; there may be the odd occasion where something does get missed or overlooked.  Should this be the case, we will make every attempt to rectify the situation in a reasonable time frame.  Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us and we pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service.

SHAG the store is independently owned and operated (although designed by and in partnership with Josh Agle). As a result, we can not (and will not) warranty items purchased outside of our galleries.  Your first and best bet will always be to contact the store or person(s) where your item was purchased. This is since we have no control over these items (especially those purchased through Ebay).  That being said, we will do our best to direct you if we can.