Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How can I contact the Shag store by phone?

A: Call our Palm Springs store:
     Shag store Palm Springs, CA 760 322-3400
     -7 Days a Week from 10:00am until 5:00pm

or email us at

Q: How can I track my online order?

A: Since you provided your email when ordering online, you should receive a tracking number from either UPS or USPS once your order has shipped from our store.  If in doubt, please call us at 760 322-3400.

Note: Due to the high volume of orders we receive, your order confirmation from your shopping cart is your only confirmation.  Please call 760 322-3400 if you are unsure if your order went through

Q: How are Duties and Taxes on Foreign orders handled?

A: You (the customer) are responsible for paying any Duties and Taxes (including VAT). We have no control over how long customs may hold your packages for inspection: However, it has been our experience that most all packages arrive within 7-10 days after being shipped by USPS.

Note: We will not accept a return on foreign orders due to Duties, Taxes and VAT.

Q: Can I expedite the shipping for my order?

A: Please call the Shag store in Palm Springs at 760 322-3400 for expediting options as we need to be sure to process your order quickly, while offering you the most cost effective expedited shipping.  We can best present you with your options over the phone and then personally handle the entire process once you know your options.

Also, it's never a bad idea to write that you need your order quickly for a special occasion or gift.

Note: Shipping via UPS in California is typically 2 days or less via regular UPS ground and 5 days to the East Coast.  Rural communities may experience an additional 1-2 day delay

Q: Can you include a note with my shipment?

A: Yes. However, you'll need to first add it to the notes section when ordering. Otherwise, please call us at 760 322-3400 as emails are less useful for us when adding notes to packages and more likely to be missed.
Please note this may delay your order being shipped.

Q: What are the Shag stores Return & Exchange Policies?

A: There are no returns or refunds on prints or other LIMITED EDITION MERCHANDISE sold through the Shag stores. We may consider an exchange for credit or a different print, however, this is solely at the discretion of the store and we will not be responsible for any additional shipping costs either to or from our store.

Where non-limited edition merchandise is requested to be returned, we reserve the right to charge a 20% restocking fee and you will be responsible for shipping fees back to our store in Palm Springs, California.  The items will only be credited once the merchandise has been returned to the store and inspected for damage or wear & tear.

Q: Can you have Shag sign my items:

A: Only items offered online (that are noted as being signed by Shag) will come with his hand written signature.  Otherwise, you'll have to attend one of our events to have him sign your store bought merchandise. 

You are welcome to bring items to our store events (if previously purchased at our Shag stores) and Shag will happily sign and/or personalize these for you.

Limited Edition prints are ALWAYS Hand-Signed and Numbered by Shag before shipping from our stores.

Q: Can you appraise my other Shag prints?

A: Unfortunately not.  We are not an authorized appraiser.

Your sales receipts (if items were purchased from our Shag stores and M Modern Gallery (or online order confirmationwill serve as your provenance (chain of ownership) for your prints and merchandise.  We will try and assist you or your insurance company, should your insurance company contact us in the event of a loss.

Sites like EBay and other Shag fan forums can sometimes be helpful for determining the fair value of your Shag prints.

Q: My Order Arrived Damaged or Defective. What should I do?

A: We make every reasonable attempt to thoroughly inspect items prior to their leaving our stores, however, in some cases there may be concealed damage, in transit damage or other minor issues we may have missed. 

In these rare cases, please send us an email to or call our Palm Springs store at 760 322-3400 and we'll work diligently to correct your issue in a timely fashion.

Q: Will you send (or sell me) Shag store promotional items?

A: Unfortunately not.  These are not sold or sent to customers.  On occasion, you're able to pick these up at the physical Shag stores (or have a friend inquire for you when visiting our stores in person). 

There is no feasible way for us to keep up with the demand for these items and we wouldn't be able to continue to provide the extraordinary service we offer at our stores if we did accommodate these types of requests.

Q: My organization is wondering if Shag will donate something for our cause?

A: You will need to email (not call) our stores at and then follow a strict guideline that might not be worth your time. 

 We prefer to contribute directly to charities (especially those involving animals and human rights) and have a yearly allocated number of charities we contribute to.  Our first priority is always to the local markets our store serves(mainly Palm Springs, CA and West Hollywood, CA).

Q: I have a question that isn't listed here?

A: Please either email us at or call our Palm Spring store at 760 322-3400.

NOTE: Please be patient as our stores can be very busy with traffic and we can't always answer the phone right away (or spend much time on the phone with you).  We have an obligation to those that made the trip to our physical stores to offer them top notch personalized in-store service.  

We appreciate your understanding with this as we'd obviously extend the same courtesy to you when visiting our store locations.

Call us at:

Palm Springs, CA  760 322-3400
(7 Days a Week) 10:00am until 5:00pm

Please leave a message if we don't answer and we'll be sure to call you as soon as we can. Many times we are on the other lines assisting other SHAG the store customers and our call volume for phone in orders is always crazy!

We certainly hope this section is helpful for you and we thank you for considering shopping with us at the Shag stores!