Customer Privacy Policy - Shag store

Shag stores – Privacy Policy Explained:

(last updated September 16, 2020)


At the Shag store, we never misuse your personal information. We only reference this information to verify credit card transactions you’ve authorized, contact you with questions or answers via phone or email (mostly with updates on pending orders you’ve placed with our stores – both in-store & online and with answers to inquiries from you).


Your information is yours and not ours. We respect and value your trust in our Shag brand and we promise to never sell, lease, loan, distribute or post any of your personal information that we’ve collected (or you’ve provided). We want to take this opportunity to thank you for your trust and patronage of our physical and online Shag stores.





General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Explained (for those of you subscribed to our email list):


The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPRis here. The good news is that the new law gives you control over your data and you can ask us to correct or delete your data at any time!

If you wish to keep receiving our Shag store email updates you don't need to do anything!


However, if you no longer wish to receive emails from us or want to update your subscription preferences, simply click below on the Update Profile button below (and make any changes you'd like to your information) or the Safe-Unsubscribe button below and you'll no longer receive emails from our Shag stores in the future. If you do choose to unsubscribe, please know we'll miss you and hope you'll visit one of our two stores in Palm Springs, California and West Hollywood, California.


The Shag store Owners, Staff & Josh Agle (aka Shag)

Owners: Jay Nailor & MiShell Modern (husband & wife)

Directors/Management: Monet Orystick, Jeffrey McCall & Ian Keasler

Additional (and equally important) Staff: Kevin Stolle, Patty Sullivan, Nick Clinite & Lucy Black